Warning: This Yoga Is Addictive!

Posted: 21/12/2016 0 Comment

I’m a cardio junkie that has never really liked yoga because I found other classes in the past to be too hippy trippy for me. Susan, however, teaches in such a way that I get in a great workout, plus her music keeps me moving and I’m never asked to look in my mind’s eye and pretend I’m a butterfly floating in the air being one with nature, which I greatly appreciate! It’s just great yoga with a great teacher in a warm and friendly environment. My first time is all it took to get me addicted! Susan’s fantastic and will make adjustments for you if you have injuries too. All levels are always welcome and you never feel like a fool even if you’re not as advanced as others in class. Susan, in fact, is very encouraging to all. I think her classes at Strawberry Rec. are the best kept secret in Mill Valley. Try her classes…you’ll love them and Susan!
– Debbie